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-  December 5, 2006  -

Hi Everyone,

Joe completed his (hopefully) last day of chemo on 12/1. His last five day treatment was fairly uneventful. Joe got sick on the last day but he got over it fairly quickly and has felt pretty good ever since.

We had lots of visitors the last week which always makes things go faster. Uncle Bob and Aunt Laura, Uncle Jim and Nick, Aunt Kathy and Betsy, Linda and her son Mark, Nana and Pop-Pop, Miss Buffalo (Emilee Ballaro) and even Santa made a visit. It really helps keep Joe from getting bored and his parents from losing their sanity.

Joe had his PICC line removed Saturday night (about 12 hours after we got home) because it sprung a leak. The original plan had been to leave it in for a few weeks but after it got a hole in it the home care nurses came out and checked it and decided it should come out. So Joe no longer has a central line. It's good and bad. Good because it lessens the chance of him getting an infection but bad because all the blood draws will require a needle going forward. I guess after all Joe's been through it isn't a big deal.

I think the plan is to have Joe's scans done in early January. They will include an MRI, CT Scan, leg and chest X-Ray, bone scan and renal scan. Hopefully those will all be clear and then Joe can get back to being a little boy again instead of a cancer patient.


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