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What is Ewings sarcoma?


-  April 27, 2006  -

Hi Everyone,

     Joe had his latest 1 night chemo treatment on Tuesday and came home yesterday.  He had a tough night Tuesday and threw up a lot and wasn't feeling very good  for a few hours but he felt a lot better when he woke up Wednesday and had a pretty good day yesterday.  We got home around 5pm and he had some macaroni and cheese and a hot dog for dinner and kept it down. He isn't feeling great this morning but hopefully he'll perk up a little as the day goes on. He is also starting to walk a little bit without his cast and is gradually putting more weight on his left leg.  His big toe doesn't seem to be working 100% yet but he seems to be feeling more confident in his walking.  His brace is ready so we will pick that up on Friday and hopefully that will help him with his walking and to improve the functionality of the nerve. We also got the results of the pathology report yesterday and they couldn't have been much better. There was no residual Ewing's Sarcoma in the section they removed (the tumor was completely dead).  


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